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Building Healthcare Brands in the post-COVID 19 Era

This competition is sponsored by the co-founder of Brand Innerworld and author of Amazon’s Hot Release book; The Perfect Pill: 10 Steps to Build a Strong Healthcare Brand, to encourage brand thinking amongst the students and young executives.

There is no entry free or submission fee that will be charged at any stage

Definition of Healthcare Brands the Competition

Pharmaceutical, Biopharmaceuticals, Life science brands. 

Definition of Post COVID Era:   

The year 2020 onwards


The pandemic has changed behaviors and attitudes of the Healthcare Professionals (Doctors and Paramedical), Pharmacies and Patients. The people in general have experimented with newer ways of interactions within the healthcare ecosystem. Are these changes here to stay? If so, how can brand-building efforts change for healthcare brands?  

The Perfect Pill: 10 Steps to Build a Strong Healthcare Brand is a book that elaborates on fundamental steps in brand building. Some of the steps are as follows;

  1. Understanding your brand in totality
  2. Understanding customers and unearthing insights
  3. Defining and analyzing competition 
  4. Brand Personality
  5. Media strategy

Keeping these steps at the center, how do you think the marketers need to maneuver brand building efforts?

For example 

The post-COVID 19 era will see very different kinds of brands. On the one hand, there might be an integration of medicines from across modern and traditional streams; on the other hand, there will be an emergence of digital therapeutics and non-pharmacological interventions.  What should be the company’s strategy to launch a new product? How can they launch services that are beyond pills to strengthen their brands and portfolios?

Also, there is a newer dynamic of patient and doctor interactions. Is telemedicine here to stay? How can a healthcare brand be built in the telemedicine era? What can Med-tech platforms do to enhance brand building efforts? Will the nature and practice of pharmacies change? Will the insurance sector come up with better products? How will the patient- doctor pharmacy dynamic change? Who will be the key customer for healthcare brand? Patient, doctor, pharmacy or payer? How can big data bring in better customer intelligence?

The definition of competition might also change. The brands may fight fiercely or decide to collaborate. What impact will it have on the brand building effort? 

Will the media strategy in the post COVID era have a strong digital component? Will skills required by the medical representatives be different? 

Rules and Guidelines

    • All entries before 11:55 PM on 20th September will be considered for the competition. 
    • Paper can be prepared by an individual or a team up to 4 members. In case of a team award money will be distributed equally. 
    • There can be only one entry per individual or team.
    • Each white paper needs to be submitted in PDF format. 
    • World limit for the entry 5,000-10,000 words.( This limit is for the body. The annexures and references will not be counted in the word limit) 
    • Executive summary of 500-1000 words.
    • Higher weightage would be given to the entries that are based on    both  primary research and secondary research.
    • The methodology of primary research should be mentioned separately in an Annexure.
    • All secondary sources of secondary research should be mentioned at the end of the paper.
  • Virality factor ( see the table below for clarification ):Submit the names and email ids of the students to whom you invited to participate in the competition. It does not matter if they decide to participate or not.


SR No CriteriaPointsRemarks
1Understanding of the subject and effectiveness of the solution3Clear and deep understanding of the healthcare ecosystem in India
2The structure and clarity in layout, figures, infographics3Executive summary, subtitles, inference and conclusions should be well documented
3Background work, Primary and secondary research3Primary research can be done by interviewing various stakeholders on the phone/ google forms/ social media research
4Virality*1If you invite 5 friends to participate, you will get additional 1 point. It does not matter if those 5 participants participate in the contest or not 

*As we want the competition to reach the maximum number of participants.

Prizes to be Won:

First Prize : Rs.10,000/-

Second Prize : Rs.5,000/-

10 Certificates of Excellence

Certificate of Participation to each Participant