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  • Brand Building & Innovation
  • Brand Life Cycle Management
  • Coaching & Media Strategies
  • Workshops

Our Services

Brand Innovation Lab

We believe in Formulating unique differentiated brands based on the insights generated by our insight mining teams. The scientific team works extensively to arrive at formulations of out of patent APIs that are improved on parameters such as speed of action, Duration, sustainability, safety, patient friendliness.

Building Brands

Brands need to create customer value to that results in ultimate win-win situation for Patients, Doctors and Companies. We help companies craft unique Value Proposition, Brand Personality, Communication strategy so that brands stand tall in the crowd of hundreds of generics in the market. 

Insight Mining

Patients and HCPs behave in a particular manner because they hold particular beliefs and attitudes. Understanding their belief system and aligning the brand is crucial for brand building.

Brand Innerworld has insight mining tools based projective technique to unearth deep rooted insights.

Life Cycle Management

Lifecycle management of a healthcare brand is distinct. We help brands extend their lifecycles by identifying new segment, usage area, formulation, dosage form, packaging and several other lifecycle management tools.

Media Strategy

Healthcare brand promotion is judicious mix of Online-Offline platforms and their integration to ensure better ROIs. Brand Innerworld helps marketing and sales teams arrive at the optimal media mix to ensure right frequency, reach and impact


Often Brand teams need perspective to understand their own brand dispassionately. To understand what is going right and what is going wrong with their brands?

Under Brand Coaching project, we help brand teams improve their marketing quotient through series of interventions. Help them create brand plans and see them through implementation process