Brand Innerworld is a Pharma and Healthcare Brand Consultancy specializing in providing actionable strategic support to Creating and Building Brands from the world of Pharma, BioPharma, Life science and Healthcare business.

Brand Innerworld is End-End Consultancy. We help our clients create and formulate uniquely differentiated brands, develop sharp value proposition, Impactful communication and effective media plan. 

With specialty in Insight Mining, our Expert teams believe in bring out the deep-rooted beliefs and attitudes of the healthcare practitioners, patients, caregivers, pharmacists and all the other stake holders. These insights become the brief for the scientists, marketing and branding experts, media planners who are associated with us to provide the clients with winning formulations and strategies.

Our unique capabilities in science, marketing and branding make us deliver what markets need.

Founder - Gauri Chaudhari

Healthcare Marketing and Advertising professional with over 27 years’ experience in building Healthcare Brands. Gauri has experience in building several flagship brands in the Indian pharma and healthcare industry that include OTC, Prescription, Medical Device, Surgical and Hospital brands.

Gauri has developed several market research projective techniques to understand exact patient needs and requirements of the physicians

Recently She has authored a book, The Perfect Pill: 10 Steps to Build a strong Healthcare Brand, Published by SAGE  and  is one of the Best sellers on Amazon